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Cadillac - đứng thứ 8 trong các nhà sản xuất ô tô nổi tiếng nhất của Người Mỹ và Người Việt Sống ở Mỹ

The History of Cadillac: A Timeline

1902: The first Cadillac car is born when Henry Leland, who had previously founded the Oldsmobile brand, and his son Wilfred form the Cadillac Automobile Company in Detroit, Michigan.

1903: Cadillac releases its first car, the Model A. It was the first car to feature a removable cylinder head, making it easier to repair. It also featured an advanced engine design that allowed for faster speeds and more efficient performance than other cars of the era.

1908: Cadillac releases the Model S, which is the first American car to feature an electric starter. The car is so advanced and reliable that it quickly becomes the standard of luxury automobiles in America.

1909: Cadillac becomes the first American car company to win the Dewar Trophy, a prestigious award given by the Royal Automobile Club of Great Britain for outstanding achievement in automotive engineering.

1912: The first Cadillac V8 engine is released, allowing the car to reach higher speeds and giving it more power.

1913: Cadillac becomes the first car company to introduce the closed body style, which offers a more comfortable ride and more protection from the elements.

1917: Cadillac introduces the first V12 engine, which offers even more power and performance.

1930s: Cadillac releases the first tailfins, the iconic fins that come to define the Cadillac brand.

1961: Cadillac introduces the first luxury crossover SUV, the Eldorado.

1982: Cadillac releases the first digitally-controlled fuel injection system, which increases fuel efficiency and performance.

Today: Cadillac continues to be known for its superior performance and luxury. They offer a variety of models ranging from sedans to SUVs, and feature advanced technology such as self-driving capabilities and advanced infotainment systems.