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Low-cost imported food flooding HCM City   2008-09-02 - TM

Food imported from the US, Brazil, Mexico, etc. half the price of domestic products has become the choice of many families in HCM City.


Foreign frozen food like kangaroo, ostrich meat, Australian beef, and salmon first entered the local market in 2002. At that time, imported food was a luxury product; but as the prices of imported meats are getting cheaper, they are becoming more familiar to Vietnamese housewives.


Imported frozen food is flooding supermarkets in HCM City, for example Metro, Big C, Coop-mart, etc. Quynh Trang, PR Manager of Big C, said the supermarket mainly imports New Zealand beef and salmon heads. Salmon head is priced at VND30,000-35,000/kg only so it is selling very well.


According to an employee of the Vietnam Food JS Company, around 12,000-13,000 tonnes of frozen chicken has been imported into Vietnam from the US, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina so far this year. The price of Vietnamese chicken has increased by 50-70%; the price of imported chicken is 50% lower.


Mrs. Kiem from Binh Tan Ward, HCM City, said she can buy 1kg of imported chicken legs for VND30,000, enough for four people/day, half the price of Vietnamese chicken, while the quality is ensured.


Imported canned food is also running into Vietnam. Markets, supermarkets and food shops in HCM City are overflowing with canned food from Thailand, China, France, etc.


To compete with foreign products, Vietnamese canned food producers like Tuyen Ky, Vissan and Bao Long are trying to deliver new products.

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