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Garment, footwear companies hunt for laborers after Tet   2012-02-08 - SGTT

As anticipated, enterprises are seriously lacking workers after Tet, because laborers do not return after the Tet holiday. Production enterprises have been taking special measures to attract laborers.

Enterprises in Song Thanh IZ are seeking workers

A lot of boards with the invitations to work for the local companies have been installed along the 1A Highway, on the stretch of road from the Linh Xuan overpass in Thu Duc district to the Ga Crossroads in district 12.

The My Dung garment and embroidery Company in the Song Than Industrial zone has installed a board informing that is seeking garment workers. The company promises to pay 4 million dong a month and other allowances, including the lunch and dinner, diligence allowances and bonuses for Tet and holidays.

A lot of young men were seen coming to the Linh Trung Export Processing Zone on Sunday February 5 to look for jobs. A young man read the notice about the employment and took note on his book. “I wrote down the mobile numbers for contact. I think that the companies are seriously lacking workers. If we contact them, we will be able to get a job immediately,” he said to another man, standing next to him.

The notice might surprise many people who read it. “Before going and applying for jobs, please remember to bring your identity cards and clothes to stay at the companies.”

Saigon Tiep Thi’s reporter made a call to the person named Viet at the cell phone number given in the notice. “Please let me know where you live now, so that I can arrange the most convenient jobs for you. I am in charge of recruiting workers for two animal feed companies, one in district 7 of HCM City, and the other in Dong Nai province,” he said.

After the caller replied that he was in HCM City, the man named Viet said that those, who have good health, can work as porters to get relatively high wages of 350,000-450,000 dong per day. Besides, one can work as the worker packaging products and get 4 million dong a month.

“We remind people to bring identity card and clothes, so that the people from other provinces do not have to return home for those things, and they can stay working for the companies immediately,” Viet explained.

Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Laborforce Forecast Center, said that industrial zones and export processing zones need to recruit 5000 workers, while the HCM City labor market in general needs 45,000 workers. However, it is very difficult to find laborers at this moment.

Job centers have also reported that the recruitment demand is very high these days, while the number of applications for jobs just can satisfy 1/3 of the demand. The demand is especially high from garment, footwear and electronics enterprises. Vinhempic job center is seeking 2000 garment workers, while the HCM City Job Center is looking for 400 footwear and 400 garment workers.

At industrial zones, one can seen the banderoles informing that companies are seeking 500-7000 workers, promising the income of 4.5-6 million dong a month and many other allowances. However, very few workers have applied for the jobs.

Hotels thirsty for helps

Private restaurants and hotels have also been looking for workers. The manager of Kung Phu in Di An Town of Binh Duong province said that the hotel is seeking the people who are in charge of washing blankets and clean rooms. The hotel promised to pay 2.1 million dong a month and the lunch. Besides, they can get 200,000 dong a month in diligence allowance.

The Huong Bien hotel in district 12 complained that she still cannot find the helps as she wants, even though she offers to pay 2.5 million dong a month, meals and accommodations.

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