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The jobs that bring highest incomes in Vietnam   2012-02-09 - VietNamNet

Here are the jobs which are considered the “hottest” in Vietnam as they can bring high incomes.

Bank officer – the dream of many people

In 2011, an officer of Vietcombank got 22.4 million dong in pay a month. The bank is still holding the record about the high income per capita in the Vietnamese banking sector.

In Vietnam, a person would be called high income earner if he has the monthly income of 10 million dong and more.

Vietinbank now ranks the second in terms of the average income per capita with 20.27 million dong a month. The average income of the bank increased by three million dong in 2011 from the 17.9 million dong in 2010.

Sacombank also paid high salaries to its staff – 14.7 million dong a month in 2011, a 13 percent increase from the 9.4 million dong in 2009 and 8.6 million dong in 2010.

Other banks that paid high salaries include ACB (16 million dong), Bao Viet (12.9 million dong), BIDV (11.8 million dong), Eximbank 10.6 million dong, SHB 10.3 million dong. Even Phuong Tay and Phuong Dong Banks, which are considered small banks, also paid 5.7 million dong and 6.3 million dong a month to its staff on average.

Air hostesses: have much money but not much time to spend money

The average income of 20-30 million dong a month is the desire of many people.

However, air hostesses not only get monthly salaries. They also can make money from the legal trade of goods. They buy goods in foreign countries and carry to Vietnam for domestic sale.

It is true that air hostesses do not have time to spend their money. On domestic flights, every air hostess takes off and lands in eight times (four flights a day). With such a frequency, air hostesses only have time enough to rest to prepare for the next flights, while they don’t have time for shopping or spending money.

EVN’s officers hold the record in the monthly salary

The State Audit has announced the average income of the officers at the Electricity of Vietnam in 2010. The announced average income is 13.7 million dong a month, while a worker in the electricity transmission got 10.8 million dong a month, and a worker in electricity distribution 7.9 million dong.

However, the office workers at EVN have much more higher income than the average level. Their income is double the average income of the whole corporation.

The income of EVN’s officers has really made laborers in other business fields feel jealous. The average income of a laborer in Vietnam is 2.84 million dong. The average income of a laborer in state owned enterprise is 3.35 million dong. A worker in foreign invested enterprise can earn 2.65 million dong, and a worker of private owned enterprises get 2.05 million dong. The income is higher for special general corporation and the holding companies belonging to state owned conglomerates – 5.9 million dong.

PetroVietnam pays highest among MOIT’s enterprises

Of the 17 state owned economic groups and general corporations put under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade MOIT, PetroVietnam had the highest incomes per capita in 2010 and 2011.

The average salary of PetroVietnam’s officer in 2011 was 16.2 million dong a month, up by 7.5 percent over 2010.

Sabeco ranks the second with the average income of 9.7 million dong. Meanwhile, the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacoal) paid 7.7 million dong.

The Vietnam Textile and Garment Group Vinatex and the Industrial Construction Corporation bottomed the list of the 17 enterprises with the modest pay of 3.9 million dong.

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