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Businessmen and the feng shui theory   2012-01-31 - DatViet

More and more businessmen say they have confidence on the feng shui theory and believe that the knowledge about the theory can help them more prosper in doing business.


Feng shui theory is a kind of research which leans about the influence of wind direction, air direction, and the courses of streams to people’s lives, works and luckiness of people.

According to Architect Nguyen Quang Dinh, Manager of ASPACE, a company specializing in giving consultancy and implementing construction and interior decoration projects, ancient Chinese people said that there were five factors that decide the success of people: first good luck, second destiny, third feng shui, fourth morality and fifth knowledge. This shows how the feng shui affects people’s lives.

A gold businessman said that at first, when building his villa, he only tried to find the land plot on the good position, while he did not pay attention to the directions of the doors and windows, and interior decoration.

As a result, after a short time of moving into the new house, a member of the family got sick, while his business turned very bad. After consulting with a friend, the businessman decided to meet a feng shui expert. The expert then pointed out that the biggest problem of the house was that the main door confronts the window.

According to the expert, when the main entrance door is located on the right direction, the wind and the air from the entrance door can bring good luck to all the members of the family. Meanwhile, when the main door fronts the big window, this would prevent the good air from gathering in the house.

He said that this is the problem of many modern houses. However, he said it would be even a bigger blunder if the owner of the house fills up the windows and creates a new window.

“However, I was lucky enough when the expert told me that there was still a solution to the problem. I put some pots of green trees in front of the window to prevent the good air from spreading out,” he said.

“The move can help much. My business has become better after a short time. Especially, the green trees can help make people feel more relaxed,” he said.

Nguyen Manh Hung, Chair of the Thai Ha Book Company, has spent tens of years to learn about the feng shui. He believes that the nature plays a very important role in the life of people, and that every natural phenomenon is controlled by a god.

A feng shui picture is always hung on the wall on his office, which he believes can bring the feeling of relaxing, helps ease the hot temper. He also puts a water glass next to the computer, because computer makes people difficult to concentrate and feel uneasy, while the water would help make people work well.

Hung believes that the seat and the office of the heads of companies can also decide the fate of the companies. He will never choose the office which looks into the entrance door, because the energy flows from the door is always very strong, and many people are not strong enough to receive it. Hung also does not set the chair on the place which backs the entrance door.

Nguyen Xuan Bach, Director of a construction company in Hanoi, also said that he believes in the five basic elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) in the Eastern philosophy. His wife has a red Vespa LX, because she fits the fire in the philosophy, even though she does not really like the color. Meanwhile, his son has a black motorbike, because he fits water. Bach also fits the assets in black color, and he once had to wait three months to get a black Toyota car.

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