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Who will inherit the land left by Hanoi?   2011-02-17 - Viet Nam Net

Twelve universities in the inner city of Hanoi have been “ordered” to relocate to new places. This means that the schools will leave attractively located land plots , considered the “open-cast gold mines”.


The “golden land fund”


The Hanoi School of Public Health's headquarter
The Hanoi Law University at No 87 Nguyen Chi Thanh street occupies an area of 5690 square metre. However, the school will have to move to the suburbs of Hanoi as decided by the Government.


Although the Ministry of Education and Training announced the relocation plan for the universities many years ago, the construction of the A lecture hall building of the Hanoi Law University is continued.


Not only the Hanoi Law University, but a lot of other universitiesoccupying attractive locations in the inner city, will  have to move to other places. These include the University of Civil Engineering, which covers an area of two hectares at No 55 of Giai Phong Road in Hai Ba Trung District, the Hanoi School of Public Health which covers an area of 15,600 square metres at No 138 Giang Vo Road.


The information that many schools will leave their attractively located premises in the inner city drew the attention of real estate developers, For them, this will mean  opportunities to develop new and highly profitable projects So they are all eyeing the lands.


However, everyone understands that it will be not so easy to get the permission to develop any projects on the land left by the universities, especially as there are many unsettled difficulties.


Big worries


The Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has instructed the 12 universities to relocate and 11 other schools to upgrade their facilities. From February to August 2011, schools will have to report on the relocation plan to the Ministry of Education and Training. So far no school has reported their plan to the ministry.


The problem is, according to Deputy Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan, that the budget for building new schools remains very limited. Therefore, the State cannot afford trillions of dong to buy new land plots for schools. The only solution is for  schools to sell their current lands Universities have been given autonomy to decide for themselves They will either auction the land or partner with private? investors to build new schools.


“We have received the proposals of cooperation under the mode of BT (build-transfer), meaning the partners will own the land areas in the inner city, and in return, they will give us new schools in the new places,” head of a school revealed. “This is really an attractive mode of cooperation, but we still need to think about it. The problem is that the partner requires a cleared site ready for construction, which we still do not have”.


Other universities face the same problem. The project to build the national university on Lang-Hoa Lac Road has made no progress over the past ten years. The land for the school for public health has not been cleared for  more than five years. Another school completed the construction plan 5-6 years ago, but the construction is still under way.

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