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Labour market scorching hot   2010-10-04 - Tien phong

HCM City companies are on an intense search for workers to expand their production scale. Many workers remain indifferent to the varied offerings by employers.



Many workers remain indifferent to the varied offerings by employers.

There are 13 operational industrial zones (IZ) and export processing zones (EPZ) in HCM City, which gathers enterprises in many fields and employs 250,000 workers (70 percent of whom are migrants).


Previously, firms only recruited skilled workers who finished secondary school and were aged 18 to 25. Now, they have removed these minimal requirements, because they cannot find workers who can meet them.


Freetrend in Linh Trung EPZ in Thu Duc District in HCM City, is now urgently seeking 2000 workers. Candidates do not have to meet any special requirements, they just have to be able to read and write. The company has even promised to support workers in renting rooms. Only a very few candidates have been found.


Most companies do not require high skills because they will provide on-the-job training. During the probation period, workers will still get basic salaries of 1.3-1.64 million dong a month, plus lunches. Niseei Electric Vietnam signs long-term contracts with workers, paying the 13th month salary and offering other preferences such as rented rooms and tourist trips.


Firms have also promised allowances to workers of 2.8-3.2 million dong a month.


Despite these benefits, workers ignore the recruitment banners hanging everywhere.


Tuyet, a personnel officer of Freetrend, noted that the company needs a large number of workers to fulfill big orders due at the year’s end. Thus far, she revealed, the company has only received 20 applications.


According to Nguyen Tan Dinh, Deputy Head of the HCM City Management Board of IZ and EPZ (Hepza), 300 enterprises in the area seriously lack workers.


The enterprises in IZ and EPZ have recruited over 19,000 workers so far this year, but they are still shirt 37,000, especially in the fields of garments, footwear and wood furniture processing.


Dinh maintained that many workers from other provinces now prefer working in local IZs rather than in HCM City, because prices are lower at home.


He also explained that migrant workers are working in service and construction sectors now. A person can earn 80,000-100,000 dong per day as an assistant to the main construction workers.

Dang Van Tuan, Director of Thang Loi Garment and Textile Company in Thu Duc District, complained that migrant workers who once were farmers do not have the discipline needed in industrial production.  He claimed they take off work when they want, which has negatively affected the company’s schedule.

Dong Nai province firms now need 30,000 workers. According to Dao Ngoc Hoang, Head of the Labour Department of the province, since a lot of enterprises have arisen in the province, the number of local workers cannot meet demand, and the province now must look for workers in other provinces.


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