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Ministries receive low grades from business community   2010-09-09 - Saigon tiep thi

None of the 14 ministries, about which the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) asked for opinions from the business community, was assessed as having good operation in law-building and implementation.

The alarm bell has, once again, been rung over the quality of law-building and implementation by ministries related to the business community.


VCCI on September 8, 2010 organised a meeting to release the report assessing the ministries. VCCI asked for opinions from 120 business associations that have 70,000 member companies.


None of 14 ministries got good marks from the business community in terms of law-building and implementation.


The survey conducted by VCCI under the framework of the Legal Development and Enforcement Assessment (LDEA) in 2005-2009, showed that some ministries got “relatively good” marks in terms of the quality of legal documents. These include the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Justice, Science and Technology, Information and Communication, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


The group of ministries ranked as “average” quality includes the Ministry of Industry and Trade, State Bank of Vietnam, Ministries of Planning and Investment, and the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs.


Some ministries got “bad marks”, including the Ministry of Healthcare which got 4.96 marks only, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (4.9), Ministry of Transport (4.54), and the Ministry of Construction (4.11/10).


Assessments were based on four criteria: the transparency of the legal documents, the consistency, the stability and suitability levels.


Regarding the law-building index, none of the ministries got high marks. The Ministry of Construction (MOC) was ranked lowest by the business community. Meanwhile, the “average” group includes the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Healthcare. 


Businesses have given the lowest marks to ministries in terms of the ability to access law information. Businesses found it most difficult to access information at the Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. Other ministries made the list of for those with “relatively low” marks.


VCCI’s report also pointed out that businesses and associations are rarely invited by ministries to join law programs.


Businesses also did not highly grade any ministries in the quality of law implementation.


Tran Huu Huynh, Head of the Legal Department of VCCI, when giving general conclusion about the survey, said the quality of law building and implementation is not high. The quality of law-building is even higher than the quality of implementation. Businesses still have many difficulties in their operation because it is difficult to access information. The quality of legal documents issued by the ministries remains low because they have contradictions and lack transparency. Ministries have also been very slow in issuing legal documents to settle problems and help businesses overcome difficulties.

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