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Tax agent service now recognized in Vietnam   2010-05-21 - Tuoi tre

The General Department of Taxation (GDT) has granted the practice license to 558 persons, officially recognizing a new career in Vietnam: tax agent.


Why are tax agents necessary for the national economy? According to Nguyen Thi Cuc, Chair of the Tax Consultancy Association, not every business person can understand fully about tax laws and procedures. Using a tax agent, they will be able to ease their workload and avoid worrying about what to do to declare tax, pay tax and get tax refunds in accordance with the law.


Meanwhile, taxation bodies will also ease their workload, because tax officials will work with professional officers who well understand procedures and laws. Tax officials will not have to spend time explaining tax payment procedures to businesses anymore.


Cuc noted that businesses should consider their ability to decide whether or not they should use tax agent services. If businesses can handle the tasks well, then they should do it themselves. If not, they can sign contracts with tax agents who will undertake the difficult and complicated work. Based on the figures provided by businesses, tax agents will calculate, declare tax, pay tax and get tax refunds.


According to Cuc, the service contracts must be clear. If businesses provide false information, they must take responsibility for false tax declarations. Meanwhile, tax agents must take responsibility for mistakes in declaring and paying tax.


Vo Thanh Hung, Director of Tam Diem Services and Tax Consultancy Firm, observed that if everything goes smoothly, the firm will become one of the first tax agents in HCM City.


The first tax agents will mostly be tax consultants that have been backing businesses already. Now, upon becoming tax agents, the firms will represent businesses and act as a bridge connecting taxation bodies and businesses.


According to Hung, a firm can practice as tax agency only when it has at least two members with a practice license granted by the General Department of Taxation.


The tax agent service has been popular in the world for years. In countries like Japan, the number of tax agents with licenses is even higher than the number of tax officials. Up to now, the tax agent service was new and unfamiliar in Vietnam.


Cuc stressed that though individuals have practice licenses, they cannot work independently and must work in legal entities.


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