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Businesses jaded by “one-stop shopping” registration   2010-05-10 - Tien phong

Enterprises complain that even with “one-stop shopping,” they still have to spend too time to have their business registered.

Nam has been waiting to get a business stamp for the last month.

The “one-stop shopping” system was designed so that businesses would not have to knock at more than one door for assistance with administrative procedures. In fact, businesses still spend a lot of time and effort to fulfill administrative procedures.


Tran Phu Nam, owner of Viet Xanh insect killing service, bumped into a Tien Phong reporter at Business Registration Office No. 2 of the Hanoi Planning and Investment Department. Nam has been waiting to get a business stamp for the last month.


Nam has been providing his service for five years and decided to set up a company specializing in insect extermination. He was told that it would take one week to register, so he went ahead and signed a contract with a client. The contract just needs the stamp of Nam’s company to become valid.


Nam still has no stamp, even though he has been to the business registration office many times over the last 15 days.


Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, who sat next to Nam at the registration office, explained how she wanted to establish an advertising company and has also had to travel to the office many times over the last three weeks.


“Five days after submitting the file for business registration, I came to the business registration office, where I was told that the file had been rejected because it was not lawful,” she revealed.


Huong had made some mistakes in the documents and she was asked to make her declarations in accordance with the laws. Being self-confident in her knowledge, because Huong once attended a law training course in France, Huong checked the legal documents and rewrote the declarations. She re-submitted her file, where she was told that she must wait five working days.


After five days, Huong arrived and was told that the file was rejected again, because the business registration officers discovered many other mistakes.


On November 17, 2009, the Hanoi Planning and Investment Department, joining forces with the city’s police and taxation offices, announced the application of “one-stop shopping.”  Companies would only needed to to contact the business registration office to register, get their business tax code, and register a stamp sample.

Under the new system, businesses would spend nine days at maximum to establish a new company instead of 30 days as had been the case previously.


Speaking to Thanh Nien newspaper at that time, Hanoi Planning and Investment Department Deputy Director Nguyen Van Tu affirmed that when registering businesses, investors just needed to come to the business registration office and government agencies would work with each other to obtain tax codes and stamp samples.


Now, investors see five different windows at business registration offices. After registration, investors must go to another window to get a tax code, and then on to yet another window to register their stamp sample. Of course, they must wait in line in front of every window.

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