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Exporters scramble to ship Tet goods to Vietnamese expats   2010-02-04 - Viet Nam News

chung (a square glutinous rice cake) and banh it (glutinous rice cake), Phat Trien Dong Thap Co Ltd has this year started to export xoi gac (glutinous rice steamed with gac fruit) to the EU. Most people consider the red sticky rice as a symbol of luck and offer it to worship ancestors.

Hoang Ny, director of Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Center, said her firm exported three consignments of apricot trees to Asian countries for display during Tet.

Tong said an increasing number of foreigners were becoming fond of Vietnamese specialty foods because of their unique taste.

However, Pham Ngoc Thuy, owner of Thanh Long Sweet and Jam Processing Enterprise, had a word of warning: if the country wants to sustain its exports, food hygiene and safety should be a top priority during the production, storage, and transport, she said.

Additives should not be used, she added.

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