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Sharp fall in most shares leads to another gloomy session   2009-12-16 - VNS

A line-up of share codes plunged in prices during today's session, resulting in a downtrend session. The investors became more cautious when VN Index lost the threshold of 450 points.

At closing time, VN Index sharply dropped by 17.34 points or 3.77 percent to 442.1 points with a total matching order trade of 33 million shares worth about 1.145 billion dong, increasing by 16 percent in volume and 14 percent in value against the previous session.

94 percent of the total listed shares or 182 share codes reduced, in which 145 codes saw flooring prices, only 6 codes jumped and the remaining 6 codes stayed unchanged at the comparative price.

Among the group of large cap share codes, only BVH increased by 1,000 dong to 26,000 dong per share, the other codes declined including DPM -1,700; HAG and VNM -3,000; SSI -3,500; PVF -1,400; HPG -2,500; STB -1,100; EIB -900 and VIC -5,000 dong.
The other point gainers were COM, VHC, GDT, ALP and ICF.

Regarding trading volume, STB took over the first place from EIB with 3.35 million shares being transferred, followed by EIB with 2.57 million, SAM with 1.3 million, SSI with 1.25 million, CTG with 1.19 million, HAG with 0.99 million and VCB with 0.89 million shares changing hands.

On the northern bourse, HNX Index saw the second falling session when dropping by 6.07 points or 4.23 percent to close at 137.54 points. The market transparency remained the same as yesterday with a total market trade of 14.278 million shares for 362.901 billion dong in value.

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