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Vietnamese PM and US President have talks   2008-06-26 - Washington DC

PM Nguyen Tan Dung met with US President George W. Bush at 1am, June 25 (Vietnam time). The two leaders discussed measures to strengthen and develop the friendship and multi-faceted cooperation between the two countries and common concerns on regional and international issues.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung’s speech at joint press conference


PM Nguyen Tan Dung and President George W. Bush (photo: Ky Thanh)


The two leaders said the talk took place successfully in a friendly, constructive and considerate spirit. The bilateral relations between Vietnam and the US have developed rapidly towards “constructive partnership, friendly and multi-faceted cooperation, equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit”.


The two sides agreed on many issues, which are noted in the joint statement. After the talks, PM Nguyen Tan Dung and President Bush attended a joint brief conference.


The Vietnamese PM thanked President Bush and the US people for their warm welcome for the Vietnamese delegation.


President Bush recalled his good impressions about his visit to Vietnam and thanked the Vietnamese government and people for warmly welcoming him and his wife. He said he was glad to see Vietnam’s economic achievements and applauded the Vietnamese government’s determination to stabilise its economy.


He said the two sides discussed freedom in Vietnam and the US highly appreciates Vietnam’s positive progress in this field.


The two leaders agreed that Vietnam-US bilateral ties are progressing very strongly, dynamically and agreed to further develop the constructive partnership, friendly and multi-faceted cooperation, based on equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit for the interests of the two peoples, peace, security, stability and development cooperation in Southeast Asia and Asia.


Upgrade dialogue and multi-faceted cooperation mechanism


The two leaders agreed to strengthen the dialogue mechanism of high-ranking officials of the two countries on political, defence, security issues; set up new mechanisms for exchange and cooperation in the fields of education, the environment, science and technology; and at the same time continue the current dialogues on economics and humanitarian issues left over from the war. Once again, President Bush confirmed he recognised and supported Vietnam’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.


In the joint statement, President Bush and PM Nguyen Tan Dung say they are pleased at the success of Vietnamese-Americans and acknowledge their positive contributions in promoting the ties between Vietnam and the US.


PM Nguyen Tan Dung confirmed that the Vietnamese government always considers overseas Vietnamese a flesh-and-blood part of the Vietnamese nation and will create the most favourable conditions for them to return home.


Negotiations for Bilateral Investment Treaty to get underway


Photo: Government’s website


The two leaders agreed to boost economic, trade and investment relations to bring the friendly relations and bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the US to a new height. PM Nguyen Tan Dung confirmed that Vietnam is determined to implement bilateral and international commitments and continue improving its investment and business environment.


The two leaders stated that the two sides will begin negotiations for the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). President Bush affirmed that the US is positively considering the granting of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) to Vietnam and recognising Vietnam’s Market Economy Status. The US will import fruits from Vietnam; in particular, this year it will begin importing dragon fruit from Vietnam.


Set up education working group


The two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in education and to set up the Education Working Group to research and make recommendations to the two governments about effective measures for educational cooperation between the two countries in the coming time.


The two sides also committed to positively cooperate in respect to the environment. Accordingly, a new sub-committee will be established under the Bilateral Agreement on Science and Technology to help Vietnam research and cope with climate changes and increases in sea level.


The US expressed its wish to turn its partnership with Vietnam in this field into a model.


Solve humanitarian issues left over from the Vietnam War


The two leaders agreed to strengthen cooperation in solving humanitarian issues left over from the Vietnam War. President Bush thanked the Vietnamese government and people for their cooperation in searching for MIAs and confirmed that the US will continue to assist Vietnam in HIV/AIDS control, mine and explosive disarmament, cleaning up dioxin-infected areas, and implementing health care projects and searching for Vietnamese MIAs.


The two sides affirmed they will continue cooperation under the framework of the UN and in regional and international issues such as fighting against terrorism, preventing diseases and transnational crime, and ensuring food security.

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