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Vietnam Air looks for new solutions to Italy suit   2009-10-30 - SGT

Vietnam Airlines will continue to look for every possible way within its capacity to reverse the prolonged lawsuit in Italy, having learned that the Rome Tribunal Court had turned down its appeal to cancel the 2000 ruling in favor of plaintiff Maurizio Liberati.

Vietnam Airlines spokesman Le Hoang Dung told the Daily on Wednesday that the corporation had convened meetings to consider ways and opportunities to defend its legitimate rights though it had not received any official paper carrying the Italian court's latest decision.

"We have received the Italian court's latest decision via unofficial channels," Dung said. Despite this, Vietnam Airlines formed a group of experts responsible for finding possible ways to convert the latest verdict on the case that has lasted for more than a decade.

Dung said Vietnam Airlines was working with Italian lawyers over the case, which was initiated by the Italian whom the airline has repeatedly insisted it has nothing to do with.

Dung commented there were signs of swindle if the case was weighed objectively. He added that judicial differences between Italy and Vietnam were also among the challenges that Vietnam Airlines had to cope with when pursuing the lawsuit.

In early April this year, the Rome Tribunal judged Vietnam Airlines' appeal to nullify the ruling in 2000 in favor of Liberati after five proceedings and many years the airline has constantly appealed to various Italian courts in search of justice.

Before the latest trial, Vietnam Airlines wrote to the heads of competent courts and bar associations in Italy and France to rally for their fair and objective judgment for the lawsuit that costs the airline at least 5.2 million euro if the 2000 verdict was to be upheld.

Pham Ngoc Minh, general director of Vietnam Airlines, said in documents obtained by the Daily that Vietnam Airlines was the victim of an injustice regarding the lawsuit petitioned by Liberati in 1994 as the carrier did not sign any agreement to hire Liberati so there was not any legal link between them.

Vietnam Airlines explained its agreement to appoint Falcomar in 1992 as its ticket sales agency in Italy clarifies that the carrier shall not hold any responsibility arising out of any agreement/contract between Falcomar and any third party.

Therefore, the carrier claimed that Liberati's legal action requesting Falcomar and it to pay him 538 million lira for the work he allegedly did from September 1991 to December 1992 for Falcomar was groundless. But, things did not occur as expected.

In November 1995, the Roma Tribunal Court opened the first-instance hearing about the lawsuit, and the carrier was informed of the court proceedings in Rome, but didn't send any representative to attend since it presumed that it was not involved.

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