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US delays verdict on Vietnam’s innerspring dumping   2008-06-05 - ThanhNienNews

Vietnam's official stocks index fell below the 400-point benchmark on Wednesday, representing a fall of almost two thirds from its peak and continuing a non-stop decline since early May, dealers said.




The DOC had planned to announce its preliminary determination on June 9, but now will delay the verdict for 50 days, according to the official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The official said the DOC wants to have more time to review documents and evidence to judge whether businesses from Vietnam, China and South Africa sell their products at less than fair value according to allegations by US manufacturers.

The delay followed the request lodged by Leggett & Platt, Inc. – the petitioner for these investigations in late 2007.

In 2006, innerspring imports from Vietnam were valued at an estimated US$1.6 million, compared to $16.6 million from China and $7.1 million from South Africa, according to the DOC.

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