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Big state-owned group under scrutiny   2009-05-03 - VietNamNet

The Government Inspection Agency has announced it will inspect some fields of operation of the state-owned Ship Building Industry Group (Vinashin).


According a decision signed by Vice Chief Government Inspector Nguyen Van San, an 11-member inspection team, led by the Vice Chief of Division II Le Hong Giang, will scrutinise Vinashin’s activities in the following areas: equitisation, raising and using capital, and tax payment from 2006 to 2008.


The inspection group will work at Vinashin for 90 days from the day the above decision was released.


Previously, it was said that the Government Inspection Agency would temporarily stop inspecting some state-owned groups, including Vinashin.


Vinashin is the largest shipbuilding group in Vietnam. It accounts for 80% of the country’s shipbuilding capacity.


Vinashin also provides ship repair and cargo freight services, invests in heavy industry, civil construction, financial services and market research.


By late 2008, Vinashin had over 200 subsidiaries and joint ventures, with more than 80,000 employees.

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