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Profiles of 500 top Vietnamese businesses published   2009-01-19 - Viet Nam Net

For the first time in Vietnam, the profiles of the 500 biggest Vietnamese enterprises will be published, serving people’s consultation demand. The publication is undertaken by VietNamNet online newspaper and Vietnam Report with the cooperation with the US Institution of Innovation for Media (IIM).


5,000 bilingual publications in English and Vietnamese and associated CDs “Vietnam Top 500 Company Profiles” will be sent as presents to the leaders of the VNR500’s members, published throughout the country and abroad through the foreign countries’ trade promotion agencies in Vietnam and representatives of international institutions.


The publications will also be sponsored by IIM which will help propagandize and introduce to the network of over 8,000 members who once were the students at the US Harvard Business School and now the directors of economic groups, banks and investment funds all over the world.


The publications will also be sent to Vietnamese trade counselors and partners of Vietnam’s top businesses overseas.


“Vietnam Top 500 Company Profiles” is expected to bring big benefit to the members of VNR500 and to be implemented with the sponsor by Mekong Capitals, Vietinbank and Prime Group.


Being different with other directories, “Vietnam Top 500 Company Profiles” has been built up based on international standards in business and investment profiles, with classification in accordance with business codes in the national economy with the focus on financial information and positions of the enterprises on the market.


The VNR500 profiles will serve as the consultation tool for businessmen, domestic and international investors who really want to seek accurate information and update information about Vietnamese biggest enterprises. The profiles can also be the places where enterprises can introduce their images to investors and consumers. They also include the reports about the current situation, potentials and development tendency of Vietnamese enterprises in the new period of integrating more deeply into the global economy. The VNR500 profiles prove to be the very useful documents for all people for reference.


Together with other activities of VNR500 Club, the VNR500 profiles will help large Vietnamese enterprises position their places in the eyes of international investors and help bring a lot of business opportunities to the enterprises which plan to reach out into the global playing field.


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