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First World Vietnamese Business Forum held in Paris   2008-11-16 - VOV

The First World Vietnamese Business Forum opened in Paris, France on November 14 with the participation of nearly 400 businessmen who are Vietnamese nationals living abroad and entrepreneurs from France, Switzerland, the UK, the US and Canada.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (COVA) Nguyen Thanh Son briefed the participants on Vietnam’s Renewal achievements and its open-door policy in recent times, which he said has created favourable conditions for foreign businesses as well as overseas Vietnamese to invest in the country.

“The Vietnamese Party and Government have always encouraged foreign businesses to invest in Vietnam”, said Mr Son. The Common Investment Law and other relevant documents have been issued to create a synchronised legal environment for foreign investment activities in the country. In addition, bilateral and multilateral legal frameworks related to foreign investment have also been revised and perfected.

Mr Son also appreciated the great contribution made by the overseas Vietnamese community, businesses and international friends who have served as an important bridge between Vietnam and other nations in the world.

The President and chief organizer of the forum, Pham Gia Huyen, said this was the first time Vietnamese entrepreneurs around the world have had the chance to meet, share experiences and examine possibilities of cooperation.
On the occasion, an exhibition was also held to introduce products made by overseas Vietnamese enterprises.

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