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Vietnam announces melamine-tainted products   2008-10-02 - ThanhNienNews

Customers, apprehensive after the lid was blown of the melamine-tainted milk scandal in China, prefer fresh milk at a shop in Hanoi.  
The Health Ministry’s Food Administration Thursday officially announced 18 products contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical.



Inspectors Thursday found melamine concentration in imported cookies as health authorities continue to crack down on tainted dairy products and related goods.

An inspection revealed five cookies brands imported from Malaysia and Indonesia had high contents of the substance.

Health Ministry’s Chief Inspector Tran Quang Trung said they had requested Hanoimilk to destroy 180 tons of melamine-contaminated milk and recall 95 tons of powdered milk already distributed to A Chau Company in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Food Administration also revoked the food product certification of a non-dairy creamer branded by A Chau Company.

Anco Company Thursday said the company had stopped selling sterilized milk and had issued a recall of the product, which was found to be contaminated with melamine.

The company also made an apology, adding that it is committed to compensating any damages to customers.


Kim An Company: Yili milk (1-liter and 250-mililiters tins), Yili original flavors (250-mililiter tin).

A Chau Company: Non-dairy creamer.

Hanoimilk: Full cream milk powder grade A, Blue Cow – Full cream milk powder used for UHT milk.

Thuc Pham Vang Company: Golden Food milk

Mai Anh Company: Advanced Distribution powdered milk.

Dai Vinh Company: Khong Guan, Khina Guan Aquare Puff, Khong Guan Marie and Khian Guan Superior cookies. Anco Company: Full Cream Milk Powder.

Minh Duong Company: Powdered milk, non-dairy creamer

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