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Auto makers request quality controls on Gasohol E5   2008-09-18 - VNS

The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association recently submitted a request in related to quality and technical standards of Gasohol E5, a mixture of ethanol and petrol, to the PetroVietnam Biofuel Joint Stock Co., an affiliate of PetroVietnam, and related departments, a representative of the association said Tuesday.

The association wants the departments to outline and issue technical standards for Gasohol E5, a fuel that is five percent ethanol and 95 percent gasoline. In addition, the fuel should be tested on real vehicles in Vietnam before it is sold it to public, the request said.
The car makers are also worried about the new fuel is being sold before quality standards for it have been created. Moreover, the fuel yet took any examination with vehicles in
Viet Nam.
The association emphasized that
Viet Nam currently has many older vehicles, so it would be necessary to examine the effect of the new fuel on the vehicles in Viet Nam, create appropriate warnings and later publicize these warnings.
The new fuel is being provided on a pilot basis in the districts of Dong Da and Cau Giay in Ha Noi at VND16,500 (US$1) per liter, VND500 cheaper that A92 fuel and VND1,000 cheaper than A95 petrol.
The new fuel will be available in the city next month.

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